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Discovering the Alexander Technique



The Alexander Technique offers a clear, systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human movement and shows you how to use your body more effectively. How we “use” ourselves affects our overall functioning. When you have poor posture, it affects your whole balance and well being…i.e. if the guitar is out of tune all the music played on it will be out of tune.

It is the same with us, your bad habits of movement affect everything that you do…from typing at the computer, to working out at the gym, to giving a presentation at a meeting. The beauty of the technique is that it teaches you to be your own teacher.

It promotes the self-responsibility and self-care that allows you to change habitual patterns in how you use your body and think with your mind. It is psycho-physical in nature and emphasizes the whole body integration, alignment and coordination ~ not just parts of the body.

"The body is like an instrument; it depends who's playing it."
 FM Alexander

Who is F.M. Alexander?

Originally a Shakespeare actor in Australia, F.M. Alexander is the originator of “Western Mind/Body Awareness”. At one point in his early acting career he lost his voice while performing. Because he so loved acting he made the decision to learn what he was doing while reciting that was causing his vocal loss. This led young Alexander on a quest of years of rigorous self-observation and research where finally he had an insight that led to his vocal recovery.

Observing that it was his habitual reaction that caused his vocal loss, along with the corresponding disconnect from his body. He coined the phrase “psycho physical re-education” to describe his new work. In 1904 Alexander moved to London, England to teach and has subsequently influenced performing arts training worldwide. Over a career span of more than sixty years, he refined his method of instruction. In 1930, he began to train teachers of what has now become known as the Alexander Technique.

Alexander’s discoveries evolved into core principles, the basis of his practical educational method. Students of the Technique today are as varied as the disciplines that have been influenced by this work: education, medical rehabilitation, skill development, stress management, the performing arts and athletic skill enhancement.

Alexander taught in London up until is death in 1955 at the age of 86. His technique was well received by performing artist, educators, scientists and athletes. His pupils included the play writer George Bernard Shaw, the writer Aldous Huxley and the educator John Dewey.

Carol P. Prentice helping a client with the Alexander Technique

F.M. Alexander
F.M Alexander

“The Alexander Technique is not a method of accumulating information nor the art of learning something new.
It is, instead, the art of unlearning, which is a much more subtle and, sometimes, a more difficult endeavor -
unlearning that which is habitual instead of natural - letting go of the old patterns and of those repetitious
opinions arrived in times and circumstances totally different from those of the present.” 
                                                              Laura Huxley - Author, Educator,