Address Serving Ojai & Santa Barbara, CA 

Phone   Cell: 805-798-3929 

Carol P. Prentice, C.A.S., P.K.S., AmSTAT, 500-Register Yoga Teacher

Private Practice: 
I teach privately and small group classes in the Ojai and Santa Barbara, Ca.                                                              
I give one and two-day workshops throughout California, the U.S, and Europe. Click here to schedule a workshop in your area!


11th International Alexander Technique Congress:

I am the Co-Director of the 11th International AT Congress in Chicago, Ill. The event will take place on July 29 to August 4, 2018. We have Keynote speakers like Dr. Norman Diodge, Roshi Joan Halifax, Plenary speakers, workshops and more. AT teachers from around the world come to learn from each other, make new friends and get inspired. Visit: ATCongress

Director of HandsOn-Retreats:

A 5-day immersion with Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique. Currently, we will be hosting a Women's Retreat in beautiful Ojai, CA. from August 29 to Sept. 3.  For more information visit OjaiWomensRetreat

Baron/Brown Acting Studio:
Direct and Co-teach a seven-week Alexander Technique & Voice class for actors. The Baron/Brown studio is one of the leading acting conservatories in L.A. These small group classes help actors move out of stage fright and reduce stress and excessive tension. 

California College of Ayurveda:
The California College of Ayurveda is one of the leading Ayurvedic schools in the country. With one of the most comprehensive Internship Programs. I was the Director of the Internship Programs for 8 years. (2006-2016) I oversaw and manage the Ayurveda Health Practitioner Program (AHP) and our Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Program (CAS) Each internship is a 6- month program where interns work closely with their Supervisor seeing and managing at least 50 patient visits per internship. 

Back Ground and Education

Healing Yoga Foundation
500-RYT Teacher-Training Program
San Francisco, CA
Chase Bossart and Kate Holcomb, Directors
Based on the yoga teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar.

California College of Ayurveda
Certification in Ayurveda and Pancha Karma
Nevada City, CA
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, C.A.S.
Pancha Karma Specalist, P.K.S.
Yoga Nidra
Marma Therapy   
Dr. Marc Halpern, Director 
Mary Thompson, C.A.S. Senior Teacher

American Institute of Vedic Studies
Ayurvedic Healing Course
P.O. Box 8357 Santa FE. N.M.
Dr David Frawley, Director

The Alexander Training Institute of San Francisco
Frank Otiwell, Director
Rome Roberts Senior Teacher
3-year, 1600 hour certification program through the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

Advanced Graduate Work in the Alexander Technique:
Master Teachers who were all trained by F.M Alexnder:
Marjorie Barstow - (Lincoln, NE)
Walter and Dilys Carrington ( London, England)
Marjore Barlow (London, England)

University of Santa Barbara 
Santa Barbara, CA
Study emphasis: Dance Education, Psychology and Ergonomics

Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI
Study Emphasis: Dance Education and Psychology

Teacher I Love to Study With:
Chase Bossart –Yoga/Mentor
Michael Frederick – Alexander Technique
Dr. Claudia Welsch – Healthy Hormones
Dr. John Douillard - Detoxing
David Crow- Essential oils
Dr. David Frawely- Soma: The Nectar of Rejuvenation
K.P. Kalsha -Herbal Training
Dr. Sarita Shrestha- Women’s Workshop
Dr. Marc Halpern- Additional studies, Yoga Nidra


Brass Ring Magazine
A Luxury Magazine
‘In the Spirit of Eating’
Spring Issue 2014

Brass Ring Magazine
A Luxury Magazine
‘Aging with Grace: 6 Tips to a Healthier You’
Winter Issue 2014

Anvil Magazine,
Robert Edwards, Publisher
Changing the Way you Work: The Alexander Technique. 
Feb 1997 issue Farrier Magazine
Link to article:
Back School
Lynne A. White, Editor
State of the Art Reviews, Spine 5.3 September 1991 Hanley and Belfus
The Pregnant Patient and Her Partner,
Carol Prentice, AmSAT, Anne Canty, P.T., Ira Janowitz, P. T.
Neck and Back Pain
Jeffery A. Saal M.D., Editor
State of the Art Reviews, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 4.2 June 1990, Hanley and Belfus
Cervico-thoracic Muscular Stabilization Techniques,
Tara Sweeney, P.T. Carol Prentice, AmSAT, Jeffery Saal, M.D. 

Organizations I Belong To:

AmSAT: is the largest professional organization of teachers of the Alexander Technique in the United States. AmSAT-certified teachers have completed a comprehensive training over a minimum of three years at an AmSAT approved teacher-training course, as specified in the AmSAT by laws. 

NAMA Organization: is to provide leadership within the Ayurvedic community and to promote a positive vision for Ayurveda and its holistic approach to health and wellness. Its mission includes preserving, improving, and promoting the science and practice of Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity. 

Yoga Alliance: is the largest nonprofit association representing yoga teachers, schools and studios in the U.S. Through our work and the work of our sister organization, Yoga Alliance Registry, we exist to sustain and support the field of yoga. We do so by providing the public with an international registry of teachers and schools whose training meets our standards, and by supporting yoga teachers, schools and studios in their work as yoga professionals.  

“The body heals with play, the mind with laughter and the spirit heals with Joy” 


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever."

Whole Wellness Infographic
"The part can never be well unless the whole is well"
“The Alexander Technique helped a long-standing back problem and to get a good night’s sleep after many years of tossing and turning.”
                 Paul Newman, actor