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Ayurvedic Body Therapies


Ayurvedic body therapies like Abhyanga and Shirodhara can have a profound healing affect on our overall system. They are more passive in nature, so they allow for you to experience an overall peace and calmness throughout the body and mind. Both of these Ayurvedic therapies can help jump start your healing process as they allow for a deeper relaxation in the mind and throughout all of the tissues of the body.

"Ayurvedic Body Therapies help jump start your healing process..."

Abyhanga ~ Warm Oil Massage

Abhyanga is a a therapeutic treatment derived from ancient Indian. A full body massage using warmed oils and herbs

that are designed for the patient’s dosha.

It is both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.


Shiro means “head” and dhara means “flow or to pour”.
Shirodhara is pouring of medicated warm oil over the
forehead in a soothing manner that allows for the whole nervous system to relax.  It has a profound affect of working
to calm the mind.

Abyhanga ~ Warm Oil Massage at Conscious Lifestyle & Wellness

Shirodhara at Conscious Lifestyle & Wellness

60 minutes session $95

90 minutes session $175

45 minutes session $95

Benefits of Abhyanga massage are:

Benefits of Shirodhara are:

Supports Healthy Joints

Stimulates Circulation

Supports the lymphatic system

Rejuvenates the Skin and Skin Tone

Pacifies the Nervous System

Strengthens the Body’s Tolerance to Outside Toxins

Relieves Insomnia


Worry, anxiety and depression

Headaches and Migraines

Skin disorders

Neurological conditions


Chronic Fatigue

High Blood pressure

'Sneha' in Sanskrit means oil as well as love...give yourself some love and enjoy an
Abhyanga'll be glad you did!