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Alexander Technique - Working With Me



I teach the Alexander Technique both individually and in small group classes. They are both beneficial, but depending on your age, your overall coordination or chronic issues like low back pain or knees injury starting with individual lessons is by far the most beneficial way to learn. Personally, private lessons were the key in learning how to release my chronic back and neck pain and move with more ease and freedom.

People come for lessons for all kinds of reasons. Whether you are a performer, public speaker, yoga teacher, full-time mom or someone who recovering from an injury or been dealing with chronic neck and back pain…it all comes down to the same thing: Learning to observe what your habits of movement are and how they interfere with what we are doing within the present moment. 

What I’m teaching is how to make 'smart choices' in how you move so that you learn how not to create excessive tension and stress in your body and in your thinking.

Alexander Lesson

Lessons consist of learning how to observe yourself in basic everyday activities. I use verbal instruction and a very delicate hands-on guidance. This will help you become aware of patterns of tension in simple activities such as sitting, standing, walking and speaking. Later we can look at more specialized activities such as working with the computer, giving a presentation, playing a musical instrument, doing yoga or sports (golf or tennis) to name a few.

Private lessons also consist of table work, where while lying on a table you learn the art of what I like to call the 'art of non-doing'. Known in the Alexander Technique as the “active rest” or "constructive rest".  For me, this was a game changer! It is the process of releasing and relaxing into the directions without dealing with gravity.  'Active rest' will help you learn how to take this ‘newly organized coordination’ into a more balanced upright posture. It also teaches you to become more aware of your excessive tension and how to release that tension allowing for a more balanced coordinated way of moving throughout your day.  This may seem easy, but our habitual way we move is quite ingrained and can be difficult to let go of.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy though it’s therapeutic benefits have changed my life. It is not a passive technique, where something is ‘done to you’ and you feel better for a little while and then go back to your same patterns that are creating the same problems.  It is a learning process, where the student - you - takes self-responsibility for your own ‘healing to unfold’. Teaching you how to ‘teach’ yourself; thus making changes that last a lifetime!



  • "Carol has healing hands!  After dealing with many years of neck and back pain from injuries, I went to Carol when chiropractic adjustments and massage weren’t working to end my never-ending cycle of pain.  With one lesson in the Alexander Technique, I felt an immediate release of tension in the back of my head and I was hooked.  Who knew that I was reinjuring myself simply by the way I held my head, walked, even how I breathed?  Carol’s touch is gentle and caring and I look forward to our weekly sessions.  I have never felt better!" 
    Thank you, Carol.  ~ Ruth Peeples


  • "An emergency kept me from attending the final class and thanking you in person. But this note is to tell you that daily I am aware of my posture.  I often walk with the thought of balloons in front of my knees. I straighten my shoulders and spine. I lead with my head. My tai chi class also is aware of the Alexander Technique, as I sing your praises whenever I can and people listen." Thank you so very much for a rewarding, life-changing experience.

    Your fan,
    Wendy Fairbanks


  • "I studied the Alexander Technique with Carol for 10 weeks; during this time she made me very aware of my habit patterns of how I was using myself in my work as a photographer and in my daily life.  She has made me very aware of the habits I have in the way I move my body. She has given me both the knowledge and the tools to work on ‘correcting my bad habits’.

    As I move through my day I find that I am now reminding myself to correct the way I walk, the way I stand, the way I move.  I found her incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and I have definitely benefited from working with her."    
    ~David Young-Wolff, Photographer

  • "I loved the 4-week workshop with Carol.  Her gentle guidance and depth of knowledge about yoga, Ayurveda and Alexander Technique combined for a very singular and wonderful experience. Her suggestions about daily rituals and practices are incredibly helpful tools.  This workshop was a life-changer for me!"  ~ Liza Wachter

  • "Before taking Carol’s 4-week Ayurvedic/Healing course, I was suffering from internal inflammation, digestion problems, weight gain and stress.  I felt a positive shift after only the first class.  I learned so many valuable tips on how to take better care of myself and create balance in my life.  I enjoyed the 4-week course so much that I took extra two courses to learn how to cook using spices that are good for your body type.  Carol is an amazing teacher full of knowledge and experience and she is so carrying.  I am so glad that I met her."   ~Laura Crow

Carol P. Prentice helping a young woman with the Alexander Technique
Carol P. Prentice and the Alexander Technique

“….every single thing we are doing in the work is exactly what is being done in Nature… the difference being that we are learning to do it consciously.”
                                     F. M. Alexander

"The Alexander a learning process, where the student - you - takes self-responsibility for your own ‘healing to unfold’. Teaching you how to ‘teach’ yourself; thus making changes that last a lifetime." 
                                                                                                                                            ~ Carol Prentice