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What can the Alexander Technique do for you?



The most valuable gift the Alexander Technique can give you is a choice about the way you move.

This work teaches you how to re-educate the way you move in a manner that helps to reduce stress and discomfort throughout the body. It is a learning process of subtraction and of 'letting go' of the unnecessary habits that we have accumulated throughout our life.

Do you have neck or back pain?  Do you deal with stress and anxiety in your work or personal relationships?  Are you a performer in any of the arts who has stage fright, vocal loss, or pain due to a repetitive movement?  Are you an athlete (golfer, runner, tennis player, swimmer) who deals with neck, shoulder, or a knee injury?    
The Alexander Technique provides a ‘means-whereby’ process where you learn to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to reduce compression and increase overall ease and proficiency. 

This more heightened awareness allows better coordination which reduces stress thus allowing your physical pain to decrease, your overall ability to manage stress and anxiety becomes more effective. As a performer, you will learn skills that will help you turn stage fright into creative energy, stop vocal loss and reduce the pain from repetitive movement patterns, as well as, taking your performance to the next level. 

The Alexander Technique teaches you that in any given moment you have a choice in how you react...instead of habitually responding with a ‘knee jerk reaction’ you learn to slow down and stop, thus allowing a space between a stimulus and your response.  With this choice, you are allowing your whole system to move from a place of excessive tension of downward pressure and stiffness into a balanced coordination. By becoming more conscious of our movement patterns and allowing fluidity of ease, the Alexander Technique will have a profoundly positive effect on your overall health and well-being.

In simple terms, the Alexander Technique looks at how the ‘use of ourselves’ effects how we function in our day-to-day activities. How our habit patterns that we have accumulated over the years start to create aches and pains. Much like the old pair of shoes that we love  that no longer give us support. We no longer move with the ease and grace that we once had…instead, we may experience shoulder or neck tension, low back pain, carpal tunnel, or painful knees…symptoms that are all too prevalent in today’s society.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Aging with grace and ease of movement is our birthright. The Alexander Technique ‘wakes us up’ and teaches us to take responsibility. To become aware of how our simple patterns of movement in sitting, standing, walking, lifting and bending are creating unnecessary stress in our body and that we have the ability to change these patterns. Studying the Alexander Technique brings us back to the present moment and allows ease and freedom of movement.

Habits burdening you?
Can the Alexander Technique help you kick bad habits?

Are your habits creating unnecessary tension and discomfort in your body?

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