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Carol P. Prentice working with a client

"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
Thomas Edison
Ayurvedic Powders

"When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine
is of no need."

Ayurvedic Proverb

Where's What People are Saying About Carol...

  • Before taking Carol’s 4-week Ayurvedic/Healing course, I was suffering from internal inflammation, digestion problems, weight gain and stress.  I felt a positive shift after only the first class.  I learned so many valuable tips on how to take better care of myself and create balance in my life.  I enjoyed the 4-week course so much that I took two extra courses to learn how to cook using spices that are good for your body type.  Carol is an amazing teacher full of knowledge and experience and she is so carrying.  I am so glad that I met her.  
    ~ Laura Crow


  • "Carol provides tools and such adequate information which allows the student to become their own healer and guides them on a journey which will forever change an individual’s perspective. What I found to be more important and more substantial than the knowledge she possesses is the way she has integrated the practices and medicine of Ayurveda, and the dramatic changes it has made in her own life.  This was clearly shown by the way she radiates and communicates the benefits and life altering ways of Ayurveda so naturally."
    ~ Kathryn Stoezbach

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it focuses on the whole person as a unique individual.  As a sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda is a medical discipline for the body, mind, and spirit. It promotes holistic living that is essential to maintaining the quality, harmony and longevity of life.

In our work together we will explore all aspects your life in a very practical way. We will look at your patterns and habits that interfere with you living a balanced, healthy and joyful life.
We all have stress!  We have family and work obligations that sometimes makes it hard to take time for ourselves. However, if you don’t take the time now to listen to the symptoms that your body is giving you today, what will your health be like in 5 or 10 years?  This is an extremely important question to ask. If we don’t ask such questions today, then we may “wake up” in our 50’s or 60’s and discover it may be too late to make fundamental healthy changes in your life.
Discover how the time-tested principle of Ayurveda can help you gain control of your health by getting to the 'root cause' of any symptom you may be experiencing. By having me as your guide and support, we can explore together how to make lasting changes in your own life that will have a profound effect for years to come.

Initial Consultation: Uncovering your Unique Blueprint

In our initial consultation (IIC) together I assess your body’s constitution (Prakruti) and look at your current imbalances (Virkruti). I assess your diet, your daily routines and your lifestyle patterns and we talk about the day to day challenges that our going on in your life. If you are working with a medical doctor, I take into account any medication and other therapies that you may be doing.
I then design a tailor-made program for you that addresses the 'root cause' of your imbalances (physically, mentally, emotionally) and together we work to bring your body and mind back to a balanced and healthy state of being.
As a practitioner, I act as a personal coach, teacher, guide to empower you to create your own healing process. Think of it as a journey to living a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Follow-Up Visits:

In our follow-up visits (FUV) we dive deeper into every aspect of creating a more balanced, healthy and vibrant you! We will bring in the healing aspects of the five sense therapies, like taste, smell, sound, sight and touch. You can think of these sensory modalities as gateways into your consciousness that have a profound effect on how we heal. The misuse of each of these senses is what keeps us out of balance. Knowing what colors are right for you, what mantras or music is better suited for you, what smells will help bring you back into balance and what Ayurveda body therapies are key in your healing journey.
The sense of taste is one of the most important aspects in healing. Together we will look at nutrition and diet from both a western and Ayurvedic point of view and create a 'healthy diet plan' that is right for you. Understanding the digestive system is important aspect on how we heal.
I will also make medicinal herbal formulas for you that will help assist you in your journey toward health. Herbal formulas generally run $25-35 a month.


Conscious LifeStyle & Wellness Ayurveda Sessions

Mapping out your healthy road to a success!

The Initial Consultation (2hrs) and Wellness Report of Findings  (1.5 hrs, generally done 4-7 days later, can be done in one visit)     

Once you schedule your appointment, I will send you my Conscious LifeStyle and Wellness Intake forms to be filled out. You can either send them back to me or bring them to your initial appointment.

During our time together we will go over your intake forms so that I can become clear of all your past and present health issues, your current diet, lifestyle practices and any medications you may be taking. During our meeting, I will do an Ayurvedic assessment of your abdomen, tongue, and take your pulse.  Your blood pressure and other vital signs, like weight, will be taken. 

With all this information, I will come up with a holistic approach that maps out a clear road to bringing your body and mind back to balance. The path to wellness can take time and you must be willing to look at all the various habit patterns in your life. Food, sleep, and overactivity is key. 



Conscious LifeStyle Follow-Up Visits (FUV)

To you give the best guidance and support on your path to creating the healthy lifestyle and the balance you desire, it is important to maintain weekly visits for the first 2-3 follow-up visits. Then depending on your need for support and guidance sessions become less frequent.

Follow-up consultations are of great importance in Ayurveda. It is a time where we review your progress in your program, make any needed adjustments, add new sensory therapies, give recipes and educate you on different aspects of Ayurveda that will help you to continue on your healing journey.

With each visit, we deepen your understanding so that you feel empowered on your road to health and wellness.